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Our Story

Who Am I?|Claire Gunn

I am Claire Gunn, the founder of Jizoo Au Pairs and a mum to 3 young girls.   I understand the challenges of juggling work and family life and how difficult that can be, especially with no family support and a husband that works long hours. I am also an experienced host mum having hosted many Au Pairs from different nationalities. So I get it.

I get how challenging it can be juggling everything and how you never feel quite on top of things.

I get how you feel torn between work commitments and being there for your children.

I get that feeling of despair when you open the fridge at 6.30pm and realise you have run out of milk (or wine) and your only option is to pile all the kids in the car and go to the shops.

I get how you feel frustrated with the spiraling costs and inflexibility of long day care options.

I get how you think there must be a better option out there…..

…..Luckily there is. Jizoo Au Pairs was created to provide a solution for families looking for a more affordable and flexible childcare option combined with an enriching cultural exchange. We offer a personalised service with full ongoing support and treat every family as an individual. We’d love to help you find the perfect Au Pair for your family. Please contact our team to see how we can help you.