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Why Have An Au Pair?

There are so many benefits to welcoming an Au Pair to your home

Cultural Experience

Having an Au Pair in your home is an extremely enriching cultural experience – it exposes your children to different cultures, customs and languages. Seeing your children singing Happy Birthday in a foreign language really demonstrates the value and impact Au Pair hosting can have on the child.


Sometimes its just the little things like realising you have run out of milk at 6.30pm… can pop to the shops while the Au Pair looks after the children. The Au Pair is there for that important work call you need to take, giving you that time to pop to the gym, helping care for your children if you are sick, and did we mention date nights?!


An Au Pair creates more balance in your household – having that extra pair of hands to help with caring for children and doing household chores, you find yourself less stressed and able to spend more quality time with your children. Having that help with taking children to afterschool activities, homework, light housework, babysitting – it offers so much more than a long day care environment provides.


With the increased costs of childcare and changes to the childcare rebate, Au Pairs offer a more affordable solution compared to a nanny or long daycare. For around $1,000 a month, you can have an Au pair caring for a child for up to 35 hours a week. The Au Pair can also look after multiple children at one time at no additional cost.

If you are considering hosting an Au Pair, we would love to chat to you, so please get in touch if you have any questions.